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eBay has become the most popular auction site on the worldwideweb since being founded in 1995.

A few interesting facts:~
eBay has a membership of well over 244 million people in 24 countries. eBay Inc. (Nasdaq: EBAY) reported financial results for its third quarter (ending September 30, 2008) of $2.12 billion, up $228 million from the same period last year.
The full years profits are expected to reach up to 7.45billion, with paypal contributing 25% of eBay's total sales.
How is eBay doing all this? Well apart from it's successful marketplace, it also owns Paypal, Prostores, Skype,, and several online classifieds like Kijiji,,, Intoko, Netherlands-based, and German automotive classifieds site, and owns a minority investment in craigslist.
This year eBay aquired Stubhub (provider of concert, sports and event tickets) for $310 million this year and MySpace founder Chris DeWolfe has hinted the Murdoch-owned social network will bring in eBay to provide it with ecommerce features.


It probably sounds ominous that eBay seems to be taking over the internet, but when you think about it, eBay has done all the social-networking for you to reach tens of millions of people when it comes to selling and you also benefit from buying from a massive selection of easy- and hard-to-find items and pretty low prices.

TO save even more try out ebay and online retail coupons, cashback rebate sites, check out clipout coupons and vouchers being sold on ebay and you as a buyer or seller will benefit from using ebay's exclusive mystorerewards program. has collaborated with eBay to give you 15 - 30% cashback on certain buy it now items. This special collaboration is launched for a period of time and can suddenly disappear but it's worth checking out to save on already discounted ebay deals.....more info below

Updated  eBay, PAYPAL and COUPON CODES for US/ CA / AU / UK 
Please ensure your ebay and paypal accounts are linked! Note that not all codes work for everyone but you never know till you try
  • Get 10% OFF up to $100 for Fashion and Jewelry & Watches at eBay with coupon code: CTGLHWPDBY3FS, ends 2/13/11Don't forget to use eBay through your bigcrumbs account to get an extra rebate on your ebay purchase. Click here to login / signup!

  • CUKBACKMT6 Save GBP3.00, on
  • CBHEXPRESSAPR5 coupon code: 10% off purchase up to $100 at BHEXPRESS on EBAY for women, men, children's clothing and shoes. Ends 04/05/10
  • SDYNBNXTLY3 coupon code: 8% off any kind of "Technology" up to $100 off.
  • C-APR2006TECH Save $20 on purchase of $100 or above. Offer valid for: items in Camera and Photography, Phones, Computers, Video Game and Electronics Categories. Ends 10/15/09 Use eBay through your bigcrumbs account to get an extra rebate on your ebay purchase. Click here to login / signup!
  • V6ETUY3Z5CHWLAQN:Receive 10% off your purchase up to $100, ends 03/16/08See if you can use it!
  • CHRISTMAS02: 10% off next purchase when paying by paypal (Australia ebay coupon code) up to a value of $100 not including shipping and handling. Ends Dec 10 08. Check it out!
  • CRTSY08JLY25: $25 off purchase over $25. till Dec 26 2008. Click here to see if you can use it!
  • CRTSY08JLY500: redeem on a single purchase. Valid towards total purchase price (including item cost, shipping, tax, etc.) Click here to try it out!
  • CUKHV2: 2.5 off any purchase. Mainly for UK but works for some US accounts See if you can use it!
  • charm2: 5.00 off any purchase. Mainly for UK but works for some US accounts Test it!
  • CTHANKS0810D: $10 off $50+ when paying through PayPal. Works on some accounts
  • Join up eBay Mastercard and pay nothing till 2009, not even interest!! Join now and save heaps throughout the year. Get easy reward points, protection if your items are not received, 30-second credit decision to apply. No annual fees.
  •, to get $5 off your purchase you need to be first-time buyer and spend over $50. Special tip, you could create new account if you are not a first-time buyer

    NOTE THAT MOST COUPON CODES ARE SPECIFIC TO CERTAIN EBAY ACCOUNTS.....most of you will get an email pre-public holidays with coupon codes and it will only work with your own account but you can try the ones above.

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    MyStoreRewards % off coupon program: Check out these auctions which give you a % off coupon each time you shop from the same seller. Join free at the MyStoreRewards auction invites.

  • Check out these free shipping deals on eBay




    Top Casback / Rebate Sites for eBay and many other Stores

    EBay has affiliated itself with a few rebate sites so you can actually save on your shopping. Essentially they give you back a percentage of what you spend via monthly paypal payments or checks. This is particularly useful for those who shop online frequently...

    Coupon cactus caters to many countries for cashback rebates and coupons. You can use coupons without signing up but if you do sign up (free) for membership you can get up to 30% cash back in addition to the online coupons. There are currently over 1,000 stores and 4,000 coupons.

    Bigcrumbs in particular gives you the highest overall cash back for each purchase at popular retailers, such as EBAY, Target, Old Navy, and Gap. Naturally there are 100's more including travel sites, books, videos, jewellery, flowers and gifts, food and drink, office and business, wireless and internet stores etc. Like the ones forementioned it is free to join and does not require a credit card. In order to receive cashback it is necessary to use their links rather than go to the actual store, otherwise they are unable to verify your purchase. The rebate website has also even provided bookmarks for their shopping links so consumers may attach them directly to their own computer browser links for easy access. There is also a big shopping community as well as coupons. Click here to join up!

    Mr Rebates is another cool online mall with rebates and coupons. It has 1% cashback on the final bid price (excluding shipping/tax) for Ebay for most items. And you can get up to 25% cashback for many other stores like Dell, Office Depot, Nordstrom, Best Buy, etc. Besides being free to join, you can get $2.50 bonus added to your account :) Enjoy! is another site for ebay rebates and has a countdown bidder so you can bid in the last seconds without losing, as well as a top items section for the benefit of searching the most popular ebay items


    ~B&H Factory Outlet on eBay!!Get women's, men's, children's brand name clothing, shoes and accessories for a small fraction of the price even before discounts.

    Promo Codes for Shipping Discounts:

    Visit eBay Store: B&H Factory Outlet

    Super coupon codes for this eBay store

    Click here for latest shipping discounts or free shipping

    Don't forget to use eBay through your bigcrumbs account to get an extra rebate on your ebay purchase. Click here to login / signup!

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    Instructions for up to 8% cashback rebate offer for popular eBay Buy it Now purchases


    Click here to find out instructions how you can save up to 8% off various eBay items via!!!





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    Top eBay Selling Tips

    If you are a seller, there are many reviews on eBay selling, buying, profits etc but a lot of them don't cover everything in one summarized article. Top searches include

    1. ipod
    2. iphone
    3. wii
    4. apple ipod
    5. wii fit
    6. xbox 360
    7. psp
    8. coach
    9. webkinz
    10. e bay

    Successful eBay selling in a Nutshell! is a blog with resources covering most things in learning how to sell items starting from the basics to becoming a store-owner on eBay and also outside of the marketplace.

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