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Where to Find and buy Antiques

Estate sales and auctions:

~types of estate sales and auctions
~what to bring and what to look for

Garage and yard sales:

~locating garage sales, what to bring
~ what to look for in a garage sale

Antique shows & fairs, flea markets

~what you can find & learn & buy

Antique stores offline and online

~different types of antique stores
~where & how to look for specific items

What to Look For & the Most Popular Buys
Antique furniture guide

~periods and eras of various furniture
~specific things to look for, dating items

Antique ceramics / china & pottery ~types of antique ceramics/ pottery
~dating of ceramics/ pottery
Antique silver guide

~different types of antique silver items
~learning how to inspect and date silver

Antique coin guide ~coin collecting and evaluation tips
Antique metalware guide ~antique metalwork /metalware antiques: bronze, pewter, copper, brass
Antique rugs guide

~types of Oriental rugs, Navajo rugs, Hooked rugs - inspection, dating

Antique clocks guide

~antique wall clocks; tall case clocks; mantel clocks; carriage clocks etc

Asian antique guide ~Oriental, Chinese Japan Korean SE Asian antiques, artwork and furniture
Antiquities ~antiques of Egypt, Medit., Near East

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